How to find the default user of an image

DreamCompute Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Compute > Instances > Click on the name of your instance > Click on the Image Name of your instance
  2. Look under the “Custom Properties” section for “default_user” (this will only work for ephemeral instances)
  3. If your instance uses a volume boot disk, scroll down to the "Volumes Attached" section and click on the boot volume (usually identified as "on /dev/vda").
  4. Next you have to scroll to the "Volume Source" section and click on the image.
  5. From here you can look under the “Custom Properties” section for “default_user”.

DreamHost Cloud Control Panel

  1. Click on the instance name that you want to know the default user of.
  2. Click on "Access" and then look under the “SSH Login” section for “ssh $user@$ip”, the username is found before the “@” in that command.

The default user is the user you can use to login with the public key that you added to your instance.

Default Usernames


Instances created before October 5th, 2016 will continue to have “dhc-user” as the default user, except for CoreOS, which will have “core” as the default user.

  • Ubuntu: ubuntu
  • Fedora: fedora
  • Debian: debian
  • CentOS: centos
  • CoreOS: core

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