Changing the Security Group of an instance


When you launch a new instance, you have the option to assign an existing security group to it.

However, if you've already created the instance, you can edit it and assign it to any existing group you like.

Assigning an existing instance to a security group

  1. Log into your DreamCompute panel.
  2. Navigate to the Compute > Instances tab.
  3. Click the dropdown menu to the right of your instance and select Edit Security Groups.
  4. Click the Security Groups tab. On the left, you'll see a list of existing Security Groups. In the above example, the existing Security Group is named 'Cloud'. To the right are groups assigned to this specific instance. In the above example, the current Security Group assigned to the instance is 'default'.
  5. Click the + button next to the group on the left you wish to add to your instance.
  6. Click the Save button when your chosen Security Group appears on the right side under 'Instance Security Groups'.

Your instance now has a new Security Group assigned to it.

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