Transfer DomReg FAQs

Can DreamHost transfer a registration for me?

No. All transfers must be done by the customer.

Price of transfers and renewals

Please note that the price of a transfer may be different than the price of a renewal. View the following links for updated pricing information:

Will the registration time period change?

In most cases, transferring your domain registration adds a one-year renewal to the current registration expiration date, so no registration time is lost. This renewal is active once the transfer-in completes.

For more information about registration time periods for specific TLDs, see the following link:

What TLDs can be transferred?

DreamHost only allows certain supported TLDs to be transferred in. The following TLDs are NOT supported for incoming transfers at DreamHost: .AM, .AT, .BZ, .FM, .JP, .NET.NZ, .ORG.NZ, .NGO, .ONG, .OOO, and .WS.

For more information, visit DreamHost's TLD webpage for a current list of domain extensions with pricing.

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