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DreamHost is currently in the process of sunsetting the older Refer & Earn rewards affiliate program in favor of a new program called TUNE. It's recommended that you create a new account at TUNE as soon as possible since this will be the the official affiliate plan used in the future. View the following article for further information on the new affiliate program:

Where is my referral link?

The referral link you used in the past will still continue to function, but it will no longer be available in the panel. DreamHost highly recommends creating a new account at TUNE and updating your referral link there.

Historical Reporting

Log into your DreamHost panel:

Click the Username dropdown on the top right and select Refer & Earn.
The Refer & Earn Dashboard page opens.

Viewing a summary

Use the options below to view your historical rewards activity:

  • Referral Activity Summary — Shows you a tracking data summary for links on your site.
  • Rewards Earnings Summary — Shows you how much rewards you've earned, cashed out, applied to hosting, and a remaining balance.

Cash-Out Settings

You can also use a rewards balance to make a payment to your DreamHost account. For more information on how you can transfer all or part of your qualified reward earnings to make a payment, please see the following article:

You can make further adjustments to how you get paid and what tax information to use for rewards.

Getting Paid

You can use a PayPal account to receive DreamHost reward payments. Enter your PayPal email address and click the Update Cash Out Settings button to enable this feature.

Cash outs are sent via PayPal by the 10th of the month, or the first business day after (if the 10th falls on a weekend).

Tax Information

DreamHost is required to report to the IRS any earnings over $600 within a calendar year on an account. Use this page to enter Tax ID# or SSN, Address, City/State/Zip/ and Country. Click the Update Tax Information button when finished.

97-day holding period

Earned rewards are available for redemption after the 97-­day holding period, provided that the affiliate has chosen to cash out their rewards. For affiliates who have an earnings balance in excess of $20, earned rewards are paid out via PayPal on the first business day after the 10th of the month. Rewards payments are subject to a 5% PayPal processing fee.

In the event of possible credit card fraud or high cancellation rates during the 97-day holding period, DreamHost reserves the right to hold the rewards for up to two (2) additional months for verification. At DreamHost's sole discretion, it reserves the right to cancel rewards in the event of any of the following reasons:

  • DreamHost is unable to collect funds from the referred customer.
  • The order is fraudulent.
  • The customer cancels within the first 97 days.
  • The reward was earned improperly for any other reason.

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