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If you need assistance updating your site to support modern versions of PHP, DreamHost's Professional Services may be able to assist you in updating your code.

PHP Extended Support is NOT available on DreamPress plans.


The PHP development team has a regular cycle of introducing new versions and also ending active support and security fixes for older versions of PHP. DreamHost recommends that you run a current version of PHP, but also acknowledges that it’s not always feasible. As a result, DreamHost maintains these older versions by offering PHP Extended Support, which allows you extra time.

What is PHP Extended Support?

PHP Extended Support is for customers who need to run unsupported versions of PHP for a period of time past the supported time frame defined by the PHP development team. With PHP Extended Support, DreamHost creates and configures packages of your discontinued version of PHP on modern infrastructure to keep you online.

Why has PHP Extended Support been added to my account?

Websites running unsupported versions of PHP can continue to remain active with PHP Extended Support. If the scans show that one or more domains on your hosting plan include an unsupported version of PHP, PHP Extended Support will be automatically added to your account.

When will PHP Extended Support be added to my account?

If you add or renew a service and you are still running unsupported versions of PHP, PHP Extended Support will be automatically added to your account 60 days after the first day of the following month.

What PHP versions are supported with PHP Extended Support?

The PHP versions that currently require extended support are PHP 8.0 and older. Please note that this changes each year as new versions are released and old versions are no longer maintained by PHP.

Does DreamHost maintain my site's code for me?

No. You are responsible for maintaining your own code and ensuring it is compatible with current PHP releases.

How much does PHP Extended Support cost?

PHP Extended Support currently costs $5 per month, per DreamHost account. You will not be charged per domain.

How do I add PHP Extended Support to my account?

PHP Extended Support is only added during PHP upgrades if your site is not compatible with the oldest supported version. Please contact support if you think your site broke due to an upgrade, and you need to revert back to an older PHP version.

What options do I have to remove PHP Extended Support?

You can consider one of the following options in order to remove PHP Extended Support:

Furthermore, it is not possible to cancel the plan as long as your site is running an unsupported version of PHP.

Do I need to remove PHP Extended Support from my account after I upgrade PHP?

No. Once DreamHost detects that your site is no longer running an unsupported version of PHP, PHP Extended Support will be automatically removed from your account and you will no longer be charged for it within the next billing cycle.

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