Adding a Stand-alone SSL certificate to be used at another company


Most often, an SSL certificate is added to a domain you are already hosting in your account. This means that when it's purchased, it's assigned to a specific domain name.

You also have the option of adding a Stand-alone SSL certificate. This allows you to purchase the SSL certificate at DreamHost, but use at a different company. This article walks you through the process of purchasing this type of certificate.

Adding a Stand-alone SSL certificate

  1. Navigate to the Secure Certificates page. If you do not have any domains currently hosted, click the Buy a Certificate for a Domain Hosted Elsewhere link.
  2. If you already have domains hosted on your account, click More Certificate Options on the top right and then click Add Certificate from the pop-out.
  3. Click Select this Certificate for the Sectigo option.
  4. Fill out all fields and then click Proceed to Next Step.
  5. Select a functioning email from the dropdown and then click Proceed to Next Step.
  6. Enter your billing information on the next page and then click Submit Payment.
  7. Click Place Certificate Order to complete the purchase.
    A success message displays. It could now take a few hours for the certificate to be installed.

Viewing your certificate information

Once installed, you can view the certificate and its keys in your panel. You can then use these to install it at another company.

To view a certificate, navigate to the Secure Certificates page and click the Settings button to the right of the certificate.

This page displays your Certificate, RSA Private Key, and Intermediate Certificate. You will need to use these when installing the certificate at your other hosting company.

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