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DreamHost offers a variety of website migration services, such as moving from an old host to DreamHost or moving a site within DreamHost between accounts.

The following describes the various migration options to consider. You can also contact support to discuss an option that best fits you. If you are not currently a customer and would like to migrate your WordPress site, you can select that option during the signup process.


DreamHost can move your WordPress site to your DreamHost account. Please take a look at the Terms of Service (TOS) for further details about the process. If you want DreamHost to move forward with migrating your site, please submit a ticket with the domain name you wish to migrate and also include an agreement to the WordPress migrations TOS and any charges, if applicable.

DreamPress is a managed WordPress hosting plan which DreamHost offers as an upgrade to a standard hosting plan.

Migrating from Migrating to Cost
Another host DreamHost (except DreamPress) $99 per site
Another host DreamPress Free
DreamHost account Different DreamHost account Free (changing domain on the same site) Free
WordPress (Non One-Click Install) DreamPress (same account) Free (Contact Support)


  • The WordPress Migration service cannot move WordPress Network (multisite) sites at this time.
  • If your site is hosted at, only an export of your pages, posts, and embedded images are available. You will need to set up your own theme, plugins, and most layout items such as widgets and menus again.

Other Websites

If your site is not WordPress, DreamHost might still be able to help. The charge is $99 but will be refunded if DreamHost is not able to successfully migrate your content. Please submit a support ticket with any information you have, and a DreamHost migration representative will be happy to look into it.


  • Proprietary site build and hosting services such Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace cannot be moved to DreamHost.
  • Windows Server-based Active Server Pages (ASP) websites also cannot be moved to DreamHost.

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