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If you find yourself in a situation that requires changes to your site, and your developer isn't available to help, DreamHost's skilled support team may be able to assist you for a small fee. You can find more information about supported services and associated costs in the DreamHost Professional Services article.


DreamHost offers a variety of website migration services, such as moving from an old host to DreamHost or moving a site within DreamHost between accounts.

The following describes the various migration options to consider. You can also contact support to discuss an option that best fits you. If you are not currently a customer and would like to migrate your WordPress site, you can select that option during the signup process.


You can now migrate your own WordPress site to DreamHost for free, using the DreamHost Automated Migration Plugin. The plugin can be used on any DreamHost account with an active hosting plan. See the following article for more details:

DreamHost can move your WordPress site to your DreamHost account by moving all your data over to a new server, all without any interruption to your existing users. Visit the following page to learn more about the Website Transfer service:

DreamPress is a managed WordPress hosting plan that DreamHost offers as an upgrade to a standard hosting plan.


If you wish to migrate from another host, another DreamHost account, or another TLD (e.g., to on the same account):

  • $99 — Migrating to a standard hosting plan, per site.
  • Free — Migrating to any DreamPress plan.


  • The WordPress Migration service cannot move WordPress Network (multisite) sites at this time.
  • If your site is hosted at, only an export of your pages, posts, and embedded images are available. You will need to set up your own theme, plugins, and most layout items such as widgets and menus again.

Other websites

If your site is not built on WordPress, DreamHost may still be able to help migrate your site. The cost for this service is $99, and this will be refunded if DreamHost is not able to successfully migrate your content. Please submit a ticket on the Contact Support page in the panel and include any information you have about your site. A DreamHost migration representative will be happy to look into this for you.


  • Proprietary site build and hosting services such Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace cannot be migrated to DreamHost.
  • Windows Server-based "Active Server Pages" (ASP) websites cannot be migrated to DreamHost.

Changing WordPress site URLs

If you have recently migrated your site to a new domain, changed the URLs on your own, or have added an SSL certificate to a domain that was previously not using one, you will need to change your WordPress site URLs.

DreamHost is able to change these for you for a one-time charge of $19.99. To submit a WordPress URL change request, visit the Contact Support page in the panel and include the domain/URL you are changing from, and the new domain/URL you would like to use. The DreamHost support team will reply back confirming the $19.99 charge and work being done.

This service is free for DreamPress sites.

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