Troubleshooting DreamPress


Aside from setup issues, most DreamPress issues are typically related to WordPress, and can be handled using our WordPress troubleshooting articles here:

Your new DreamPress installation should work as soon as you receive your email titled "DreamPress Install Complete!". If you have received your confirmation email and are still having issues immediately following your installation, please read below for possible causes.

Reasons your new install could not work as intended

Site is insecure

If your browser reports that your site is not secure and shows the "https" crossed out in the address bar, it means your 'Let's Encrypt Certificate' has not yet finished setting up. Keep your eye out for an email titled "New Let's Encrypt Cert for". Once you receive it, clear your browser's cache and your site should work properly. If you are still seeing https issues after this, please contact support.


If you are seeing a DNS or 'Site not found' error, your domain may not be pointed to DreamHost yet. After you've pointed your DNS to DreamHost, and you've waited for the DNS to propagate, your site should load. If you are still seeing issues, don't hesitate to contact support.

No email

If it's been more than 45 minutes and you still have not yet received the confirmation email that your DreamPress install has completed, please contact support for further assistance.

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