How do I connect to my database via SSH?

Connecting from a shell account

  1. Log in to your DreamHost account from your local computer.
    [local]$ ssh -l USERNAME
    • Replace 'example' with your domain name.
  2. Log in to your MySQL database. You can find the necessary hostname, username, password, and database names in the Control Panel under (Panel > 'Goodies' > 'MySQL Databases').
  3. Make sure to use your actual credentials for the following variables:
    • - Your mysql hostname URL
    • DBuser - Your database username
    • DBpassword - Your database username's password
    • DB - Your database name
    [server]$ mysql -h -u DBuser -p DB
  4. Optionally, include your password in the command (do not include a space after "-p").
    [server]$ mysql -h -u DBuser -pDBpassword DB

You cannot use "localhost" to connect to your database, as DreamHost's MySQL servers are separate from the regular web site servers.

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