Anti-spam overview

DreamHost offers Anti-Spam settings by default on all email accounts. You can also Blacklist/Whitelist emails from the (Panel > 'Mail' > 'Anti-spam') page. View the following article for further details.

How anti-spam filtering works

The filters scan incoming email and compares them against a set of rules or characteristics shared by spam emails. If the Vade filter tags the email with a header of X-vr-status: Spam, it is filtered into your Spam folder.

Accessing quarantined emails

Emails are quarantined in the special 'Spam' folder by default within Webmail. Read more about the Webmail interface in the atmail webmail overview article. Webmail is linked in the panel’s Webmail page at (Panel > ‘Mail’ > ‘Webmail’).

Setting up alternative filters

If you do not wish to use the anti-spam filtering feature that DreamHost offers through the panel, you have a few alternatives for filtering incoming mail before it's delivered to your hosted user with DreamHost.

Below is a description of alternative junk-message filters:

Message filters
These are available through your account panel at (Panel > ‘Mail’ > ‘Message Filters’). This feature allows you to customize and create your own set of filter rules for each user. You can refer to the following article for details with this feature:

You cannot set up these custom message filters on a domain-wide basis. They must be created for each user you want them applied to.

Third-party filtering providers

You can set up third-party mail filtering services for your domain as well and have those filtering services deliver the mail to DreamHost mail servers once the filtering is complete. This can be setup through your account panel at (Panel > ‘Mail’ > ‘Custom MX’).

You can read more about how to set this up in the following article:

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