How do I backup my entire account?

The ‘One-Click’ backup option through your panel can be found on the (‘Panel’ > ‘Billing & Account’ > ‘Backup Your Account’) page. This is a very simple way to backup your entire account, including all users, databases, and mailboxes.

Backing up your account

When you open the ‘Backup Your Account’ page, you see the One-Click option near the bottom of the page:

03 Backup your account page.fw.png
  • Click the Back me up! button. The backup process begins and takes some time to complete based on how much content there is to backup. You are notified via email once this completes as shown in the image below:

Confirmation of your backup

04 Backup scheduled.fw.png
  • The notification email you receive links you back to the ‘Backup Your Account’ page where you see the details below:

Viewing your backup

05 Backup complete.fw.png
  • Under the ‘FileName’ column, you see everything that was backed up listed as individual links to download. The ‘Size’ column shows the size of each file. All of the backups are listed as a ‘.tar.gz’ file for you to download locally.

Downloading your backup via command line

After the backup is complete you'll see files like this in your panel on the (Panel > 'Billing & Account > Backup Your Account') page.


You can download these files directly to your server or Mac OSX / Linux computer using either 'curl' or 'wget'. Here is an example of how to download a single file using the 'curl' command.

  1. In your panel, right-click on the backup link. In this example it's user/servername_username.tar.gz.
  2. From the popout menu choose 'Copy Link Location'. Paste this into a simple text editor to save for now. It will be a very long URL.
  3. Run the 'curl' or 'wget' command to download the file.

curl example

Run the 'curl' command with the following syntax:

curl --insecure --output filename.tar.gz "COPIED_LINK_LOCATION"

The filename.tar.gz is one of the file names in your panel on the (Panel > 'Billing & Account > Backup Your Account') page. Make sure you DO NOT include the first part of the filename before the forward slash. If the link in the panel is 'user/servername_username.tar.gz', the filename would just be 'servername_username.tar.gz'.

The COPIED_LINK_LOCATION is the link you copied when you right-clicked the filename and saved the link.

Here is full 'curl' example:

[server]$ curl --insecure --output servername_username.tar.gz ""

wget example

Run the 'wget' command with the following syntax:

wget --no-check-certificate --output-document=filename.tar.gz "COPIED_LINK_LOCATION"

Here is full 'curl' example:

[server]$ wget --no-check-certificate --output-document=servername_username.tar.gz ""

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