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Dedicated Servers do not have the option for customers to restore a website backup from the control panel. All restores need to be done using an admin user, using the following techniques.

The following commands require SSH access using an admin user. You must switch to the root user using sudo -s or sudo -i before you can run the commands below.

In the following examples, username would be your Shell user and your website.

Restoring backups

The backups for Dedicated Servers are accessible from the /mnt/backup directory of the server.

[server]$ cd /mnt/backup/home/username
  1. To restore something from the most recent backup, rename the active directory of the website you wish to restore. For example, if your site is, rename it to This directory is under /home/username/.
  2. Create a new empty website folder. In this example, a blank folder named is used.
  3. Run rsync to copy the files to this new blank folder:
    [server]$ rsync -av /mnt/backup/home/username/ /home/username/

Restoring older backups

If you need older backups, the snapshots can be found in the .zfs and snapshot directory:

[server]$ /mnt/backup/.zfs/snapshot# ls
zfs-auto-snap_daily-2024-03-27-16h18  zfs-auto-snap_daily-2024-03-30-16h18  zfs-auto-snap_daily-2024-04-02-16h18
zfs-auto-snap_daily-2024-03-28-16h19  zfs-auto-snap_daily-2024-03-31-16h18  zfs-auto-snap_weekly-2024-03-26-16h18
zfs-auto-snap_daily-2024-03-29-16h18  zfs-auto-snap_daily-2024-04-01-16h18  zfs-auto-snap_weekly-2024-04-02-16h18

To restore something from a snapshot, rename the directory of the website you wish to restore as mentioned above, create a new blank directory, then run rsync:

[server]$ rsync -av /mnt/backup/.zfs/snapshot/SNAPSHOTDIR/home/username/   /home/username/

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