What is the minimum payment I can make?


The DreamHost online payment processor has a minimum amount it will accept for online payments. This minimum amount is currently $5.50.

What if my due balance is less than $5.50?

If your due balance for the month is lower than $5.50, DreamHost simply rolls your due balance over to the next month’s invoice. Until your balance is over $5.50 on an invoice, the amount will keep deferring the balance to the next month. Once your overall monthly due balance is $5.50 or higher, you can then pay off the full balance due.

What if I don’t want to have a small balance deferred each month?

If you have a balance of less than $5.50 and want to take care of that amount so you don’t carry a balance, you can make a payment for more than you owe. For example, if you owe $5.00, you can make a payment of $5.50 (which is the lowest amount that can be accepted). Your $5.00 balance will be paid, and you will have a positive credit of $0.50 remaining, which will be applied to any future service fees.

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