How to manage accounts in DreamObjects


The Account tab on the DreamObjects page helps you review the current plan you’re on, quickly pick the plan that’s best for you, or cancel your DreamObjects service.

You can only access this page if you own the account where the DreamObjects service was added. No other customers, regardless of access privilege levels, can manage your DreamObjects service in the DreamHost panel.

Upgrading to the plan that’s right for you

The more you store, the less you’ll pay per gigabyte. When you decide on which plan fits your needs, click the Upgrade button to the left of it. Then, confirm the change in the dialog box that opens up.

When do the changes to my plan take effect?

If you are decreasing the amount of storage you need, the changes to your bill occur at the start of the next billing cycle.

If you are increasing from a less expensive plan to a more expensive one, the difference is charged immediately.

Canceling DreamObjects

To cancel DreamObjects:

  1. Navigate to the DreamObjects page.
  2. Click the Account tab.
  3. Click the Cancel DreamObjects button at the bottom of the page.

You are then guided through canceling DreamObjects.

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