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There are two kinds of mailing list services you can set up on your domain:

Announcement Lists allow you to send a single email to all of your site users/customers who have chosen to opt in to receiving emails from you. If you send this correspondence using a regular web form or via SMTP, you are restricted to SMTP quota limitations:

However, if you choose to use the Announcement List to send, there are no quota limitations.

There are several things you can use an Announcement List for:

  • Keeping subscribers up to date on changes to your business or web community.
  • If your site is home to a club, you can keep subscribers apprised of meetings and events.
  • If you have a business site, you can use the list to send product updates to customers who have requested updates.
  • If your site has a newsletter, you can even use your mailing list to distribute your newsletter to people who have requested it.

Announcement Lists are only for mailing those who have specifically signed up to be on this list through your website. You may not send any unsolicited bulk email (also known as "spam") through this service. If you spam, your account may be immediately terminated without warning. In addition, at the bottom of every mailing, you must include instructions for unsubscribing from the list.

For more details on what you can and cannot do, please read the following Anti-spam policy:

Will the Announcement List work if MX records are changed?

Yes. The Discussion and Announcement List services run off of the list servers which are not tied to the MX machines used for regular email. So, the lists will continue to function.

If MX records are changed and you had an autoresponder set up on a forwarding user, that autoresponder will no longer work with DreamHost since the autoresponder service is done through the email address, not the list service.

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