How can I manually backup my data?

There are also manual methods to backing up the contents for your account. The following is a description of the various backup and service options set up on your account:

Backing up via FTP

If your user has a large amount of content, you may want to back up that user manually. This is done via FTP, which you can read more about here:

If you have several GB of data, DreamHost recommends compressing the directories first and then downloading the contents to speed things up. This is done by logging into your web server through your SHELL user, and then manually zipping the folders. For information on how to log into your account via SSH please visit the following article:

Backing up your database

There are a few methods for backing up your databases. One way is done through the phpMyAdmin interface, which would be the simplest way to complete this process. The other options for backing up the MySQL database are outlined on the following article:

Backing up email

You can backup your email manually through an email client. This is done through a mail client configured to download the messages from DreamHost servers to your local computer. The messages are then backed up on the computer that downloaded them.

You can read more about this process in backing up emails here:

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