Internationalized domain names (IDNs)

What are internationalized domain names (IDNs)?

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names that contain characters other than unaccented Roman letters (A-Z), digits (0-9), and the hyphen. For instance, 日本語 contains Japanese characters.

IDNs refer to the text before the '.COM', or '.ORG' part of the domain. The part after the name (.COM, .ORG, etc.) is called a TLD (Top Level Domain).

Country specific TLDs

A TLD (Top Level Domain) is the part of the domain after your specific name such as .COM or .ORG. Generic TLDs include .COM, .ORG, and .NET and are not specific to any country. 

A country specific TLD would be used for a single country. For example, .DE (Germany) or .CA (Canada). You can view a full list at Wikipedia.

DreamHost offers a wide variety of domain names including country specific TLDs which you can see in the panel at Manage Registrations. When the Manage Registrations page opens, click the See full pricing link.

You can also view a full list at

International TLDs

International TLDs are different from country specific TLDs in that they use characters other than unaccented Roman letters (A-Z), digits (0-9), and the hyphen.

DreamHost does not currently support the registration of IDN TLDs. For example:

  • .xn--55qx5d (.网络)
  • .xn--io0a7i (.公司)

These are not currently a component of the ICANN DNS root and thus are not available to all Internet users. View the following Wikipedia page for a full list:

Registering and hosting your IDN

It is currently not possible to register an Internationalized domain name at DreamHost. However, you can still host it at DreamHost after purchasing it from another company that supports IDNs.

Hosting your IDN

If you've already purchased your IDN at another registrar, you can host it within your DreamHost account.

First, convert your domain into Punycode using a website such as

For example, 测试假域名.com would convert into Punycode such as

Next, add a website and hosting to your new domain using the following article:

When adding the domain, choose the Enter a domain or subdomain you already own option and enter the converted Punycode.

Keep in mind that most modern browsers display IDNs properly, but if your visitors are not using browsers that support IDNs, they may not be able to access your international domain name with their browser.


Some international registrars have changed the way they handle TLDs. The registrations no longer include reference to the nameservers themselves but instead they reference an NSSET ID. You must register a group of nameservers to get this ID, then you can use it when registering the domain. The advantage is claimed to be that you can edit NSSET (change the nameservers) and this is applied to all domains referencing the same NSSET.

The TLDS that are known to use this are:

  • .cz (Czech Republic)

The NSSET ID you must use is "DREAMHOST".

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