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You can add a Unique IP to your site in the panel.

This article explains how to add an IPv4 address. If you would rather add an IPv6 address, view the following article:

Additionally, subdomains and sites on DreamPress cannot add Unique IP addresses.

Adding an IPv4 address

  1. Open the Hosted Domains page.
    01 IPv6.fw.png
  2. Click the UniqueIP link under the desired domain.
    The Adding unique IP address page opens:
  3. Select a payment option from the dropdown menu, and then click the Add a Unique IP to DOMAIN now! button.
  4. Return to the Hosted Domains page to confirm the IP address is added.
    • Once the IP address has been added, it will take several hours for it to resolve online.
    • This Unique IP address will automatically renew at the end of its term (monthly or yearly). You must remove it manually to stop any future charges.

Removing a Unique IP address from a domain

To delete a Unique IP address:

  1. Open the Hosted Domains page.
  2. Click the red X icon next to the Unique IP you wish to remove.
    The Destroy IP address page opens:
  3. Confirm the deletion by checking the box and clicking the Remove ###.###.###.### from DOMAIN now! button.

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