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ImageMagick is a free open-source program for creating and manipulating images in more than 68 formats (including GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PhotoCD, PDF, and PNG). It runs on many popular operating systems including Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh, VMS, and OS2. You can manipulate image files directly from the command line, or access the different manipulation methods through your favorite Perl, C, C++, or Java development environment.

For more information about ImageMagick, view the official homepage:

ImageMagick on DreamHost

ImageMagick is preinstalled on DreamHost servers. You can access it via SSH in the following directory:


Path value for One-Click installs

Some One-Click Installs ask you to specify a path to Image Magick. Use the following:


Make sure to add the forward slash before /usr or it will not locate the correct directory.

ImageMagick with MediaWiki's One-Click Install on DreamHost

The following links detail how to use ImageMagick with MediaWiki:

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