DreamObjects billing plans

Pre-Paid Plans

Prepaid plans are good if you store a lot of data as they offer bulk discounts over the usage-based billing. If you exceed your plan’s included storage, then it’s just 2.5¢/GB per month for additional storage.

There are several storage plans available to best match your needs. After selecting a plan, you’ll prepay the plan price each month. If you change your mind, you can upgrade the plan at anytime, or downgrade the plan effective your next billing cycle.

The updated prices of prepaid plans are published on the DreamHost website. The charge for downloading is 5¢/GB, but there is no charge for uploading data to DreamObjects.

Usage Based Billing

Usage-Based Billing means that you’re charged only if you store or download objects. It is best suited for people who have less than 40GB to store. The rates for usage billing are:

  • 2.5¢/GB of storage
  • 5¢/GB of download bandwidth (upload or ‘Transfer in’ bandwidth is free)

There’s no per-request charge for API requests. Storage and transfer charges still apply when initiated through the API.

Your DreamObjects bill is based off the largest amount of data you used for the month. For example, if you used 20GB for most of the month, but at some point you used 25GB, then 25GB would be the amount of storage you are billed for.

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