Creating a MySQL database


You are able to create a new database in your DreamHost panel. Once logged in, navigate to the MySQL Databases page. Here you are able to enter new credentials to create a new database.

Is it possible to upload an existing database?

It is not possible to upload an existing database in the DreamHost panel.

To upload an existing database, you'll need to first create a blank database as explained below. Once that is created you can use phpMyAdmin to upload your database file. View the following article for full instructions:

Creating a MySQL database

To create a database, scroll to the bottom of the MySQL Databases page and fill out the following fields.


Database Name

Enter a unique name for the database. Database names must be unique across the entire DreamHost system, and can only contain numbers, the letters a-z, and underscores (_). Picking a name that is longer and descriptive is recommended. For clarity, DreamHost suggests putting your domain in the database name such as "blog_example_com" instead of a less clear example of "blog12345".

Once you have created the database, you cannot rename it.

Use Hostname / New Hostname

Create a new hostname or select an existing one from a drop-down menu if any exist. Creating a hostname for each domain is generally recommended to prevent downtime should you remove a domain from your account in the future, and find out that other sites used a hostname on it and no longer functions.

New Username

Create a new MySQL user. For security reasons, having a MySQL user for each database is recommended so that any compromised site or credentials cannot be used to access your other databases.

New Password

If you are creating a new user, enter a password for that user here. If you select an existing user, this field is disabled.

New Password Again

If you are creating a new user, re-enter the same password as above here. If you select an existing user, this field is disabled.

Database Comment

Enter a description of your database here for organizational use. Optional.


When all required fields have been entered, click Add new database now! to begin the database creation process.

  • Adding new databases or users, changing MySQL user passwords, and deleting databases or passwords generally takes effect within 5 minutes.
  • Newly added hostnames will function for websites within 5 minutes, due to all of your hostnames being written to your webserver(s) /etc/hosts file.
  • Using a new hostname for phpMyAdmin may take up to 4 hours to function due to DNS propagation time.

Database privileges

Not all database privileges are available in a shared MySQL environment. View the following article for a list of privileges and their availability:

What MySQL server is the database created on if I have a MySQL VPS?

It's recommended to only have a single database server that all of your databases use. When you purchase a MySQL VPS, it's possible some of your databases could be split between the old shared MySQL server and the new MySQL VPS. To fix this, you should merge the databases onto the new server. View the following article for instructions:

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