Getting started with DreamCompute


DreamCompute is DreamHost’s cloud computing service. This article is a quick overview to help walk you through the basic steps to set up and log into a DreamCompute instance.

View the What is DreamCompute article for a quick overview of this service. Once you’ve read the overview, proceed with the following steps to create an instance, and log in.

The term Instance is used in Cloud computing to refer to the Cloud server.


Step 1 — Enable the DreamCompute service

Log into your DreamHost panel at and navigate to the DreamCompute page.

You can either use the pre-existing password, or enter your own password in the password field. This is the password you’ll use for the DreamCompute panel. Click the Continue button to enable the DreamCompute service.

Step 2 — Creating SSH keys

To use DreamCompute you must first create SSH keys. These allow you to connect to your instance.

View the following articles for details on how to create these keys and upload them to the DreamCompute panel;

Step 3 — Launch an instance

View the following article for details on how to launch an instance:

Step 4 — Finding your user name

View the following article for details on how to find your username:

Step 5 — Connect to your instance with ssh keys

Finally, connect to your new instance via SSH using your ssh keys:

What’s next?

At this point, the instance has been created and you are able to log into it via SSH. You can now continue to customize the instance as necessary.

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