How to create a Key pair overview


Instead of using passwords, DreamCompute utilizes SSH keys for accessing your instances. This is done for increased security and simplifies managing users for OpenStack since the public key is injected into the instance during creation. This means you don't need to modify files or passwords on the operating system on startup.

There are several ways to create a Key pair. Choose one  of the options below.

Each instance can only be assigned a single Key Pair. When you originally launch an instance you can select the Key Pair you would like to use with the new instance.

It's not possible within the DreamCompute panel to change the Key Pair assigned to an instance after the instance has been created without overwriting/erasing data. Make sure to assign the correct Key Pair when originally creating the instance.


SSH key Components

There are two parts to an SSH key:

  • a private key
  • a public key

The private key is known only to you and should be safeguarded. On UNIX-based systems such as Mac and Linux, the private key is generally stored in:


The public key can be shared with any server you would like to allow SSH access to. On UNIX-based system, the public key is generally stored in:


SSH keys generated on Windows systems using the PuTTY key generator (puttygen.exe) are not stored in a uniform location, but instead wherever the user chooses to save them.

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