TOS for DreamHost's Hacked Site Repair service

The following is a description of DreamHost's Terms of Service (TOS) for the Hacked Site Repair service.

Turnaround time

DreamHost commits to fully repair your website within 24 hours from the time your payment is received.

The 24-hour timeline depends on your active participation and timely replies to any DreamHost emails.

DreamHost asks that you reply to any of its emails within 12 hours to ensure a prompt repair of your site. If a reply is not received from you within 12 hours, then the repair is effectively "paused” until DreamHost hears back. DreamHost will still do its best to complete the process as soon as possible from that point on.

Customer data and disk usage

The storage systems on DreamHost web servers are specifically intended to support hosted websites and are not designed as an efficient backup or storage solution. Please note that DreamHost’s Acceptable Use Policy and Unlimited Policy applies to any and all hacked site repairs.

Refund policy

The one-time charge for the 'Hacked Site Repair' service is refundable if DreamHost is unable to restore your website within the quoted time frame as a result of DreamHost's own internal delays. However, the following activities will nullify any claim to a refund:

  1. Failing to respond to any information requests and emails for more than 12 hours once the repair process is initiated.
  2. Interference with the repair process or taking over the repair process yourself.

No guarantee

While DreamHost strives to do its best during the repair, please note that perfect results are never guaranteed. This is a manual process that varies based on the unique situations every website faces. That said, DreamHost will do its very best to restore your website.


If you decide to cancel the 'Hacked Site Repair' service for any reason, please let DreamHost know promptly so its support team can prevent any interference with your own site activity and plans. Keep in mind, a refund is not available if DreamHost has already initiated the process (see "Refund Policy" above).


DreamHost reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Please check this page to ensure you are aware of the latest information regarding the TOS. Your use of the 'Hacked Site Repair' service constitutes an acceptance of these terms.

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