Where can I find cPanel?

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a popular commercial web application that many major hosting companies use to manage hosting. Many customers with previous web hosting experience who are new to DreamHost are familiar with cPanel.

Does DreamHost offer cPanel?

cPanel is not available at DreamHost. Instead, DreamHost uses a custom-built panel to manage your websites, databases, email, and billing. Most tasks performed on cPanel can also be completed using the DreamHost panel.

Many customers find that the DreamHost panel is more intuitive and easier to use than cPanel. In addition, the DreamHost panel runs on separate servers and doesn’t take up any resources on your web server. You can log into your DreamHost panel at:

Please note that you are still able to import all of your former data into your DreamHost panel. The following section explains how to do this.

Can I import my cPanel backup file into the DreamHost panel?

cPanel offers the option to backup all of your data in a .tar.gz file. This contains all of your sites, databases, and email accounts.

Without cPanel, you must manually import the contents of this file to your DreamHost servers. View the following articles for assistance with importing this data:

Can DreamHost import my content for me?

DreamHost support is unable to migrate this data for you. You would need to use the links above to upload this data manually.

However, DreamHost support is available to assist you with any problems you may encounter when importing your data. If you have any questions during the process, you can contact support at any time:

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