DreamHost control panel overview

This article is an overview of the control panel as a whole. While it won’t necessarily cover the all of the specifics of every single page, it provides you with the resources to navigate the panel and locate any information needed.

Logging into the DreamHost panel

To log into your DreamHost panel, visit the following URL:

  1. Enter your primary email address linked to your account and its password.
  2. Click the Sign In button.
  3. If you forgot your password, click Reset password and follow the instructions.

    Only the primary email set up on your account can reset your password using this link. If you require other people to access your account you must set up Account Privileges for each new user.

    If you’ve enabled Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), your login screen looks like this:
    06 Control Panel.fw.png
  4. Enter the MFA code and then click Sign In.

Vertical menus

The following describes the menus from top to bottom that appears on the left side of your panel.

Main menu

Control panel menu.july20.15.fw.png

The Main Menu is the primary list for all the pages in your panel. Each section has a description of the various actions you are able to perform once they’re selected. Each of the items are described in the following table:

Menu item Description Link to more information
Home The only option available is ‘Dashboard’ which is the main page of the panel where you see news regarding DreamHost services.  
Domains Where you manage domain services such as hosting, DNS, registration, and site statistics. Domains Menu
Mail Allows you to manage email services such as filters, discussion/announcement lists, and MX records. Mail Menu
  • Lists additional options to further manage your sites.
  • For example, you can create cron jobs, manage MySQL databases, configure Jabber, and set up an .htaccess file to password protect your site.
Goodies Menu
DreamPress Links to view your DreamPress site info and add additional resources to enhance the website. DreamPress menu
VPS Provides the links to to configure a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and manage its users. VPS Menu
Dedicated Servers Similar to the VPS category, but instead specifically refers to managing a Dedicated server rather than a VPS. Dedicated Servers Menu
Remixer Click-to-edit site builder, that requires no coding experience Remixer
Cloud Services Provides access to DreamObjects and DreamCompute services. Cloud Services Menu
Users This category provides options to manage and backup your users. User's Menu
Billing & Account Provides links to manage your account and make payments. Billing & Account Menu
Contact Support Provides links to view your data centers and submit a support request. Support Menu

Upper right Help menu

The top right of the panel lists options that are described below:

Help dropdown.png

Help dropdown

Menu item Where it links Description
Knowledge Base https://help.dreamhost.com/ DreamHost's Knowledge base that contains articles to help customers find solutions to any issues they may have.
Community Forum https://discussion.dreamhost.com DreamHost’s official forum where you can post/answer questions with other users.
Toggle Knowledge Center   Toggle panel help on and off. When ON, you'll see relevant articles linked on the right of the page.
Live Chat   Clicking this launches a Live Chat window to connect to technical support.
Email Support https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg Links you to panel support page where you can submit a ticket.

Search field box

While you could navigate the panel using the main menu described above, you can also use the search box in the upper right of your panel:

Type in any term you wish and it searches all available panel and article options.

Account Information

Click your username on the upper right of the (Panel > 'HOME' > 'Dashboard') page:

Edit Profile
Allows you to change contact information for your account along with managing preferences and security settings for the panel. View the Updating Contact Details article for further instructions.
Click to end your current session in the panel.

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