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Account Privileges allow you to grant account access to another person so they can edit settings within the panel. When you create account privileges, you are able to choose how much access is allowed.


For example, if you have four websites in your account and you want someone else to have access to only one of them, you can choose which domain, emails, and databases you want to provide access.

You won't have the ability to assign account privileges to another user for Remixer projects. Only the primary account holder is able to create, edit, and publish Remixer projects.

How does the new user log in?

Your new panel user can log in at just as you do. The only difference is what they have access to within your panel. View the following article for more information on logging in as a new panel user:

What the granted user sees in the panel

It's important to keep your account in good standing if you are granting other users access to your account. An account that has fallen past due will result in extremely limited panel usage that can only be lifted after the overdue balance is paid.

When the newly created user logs into their account, they only see the information you have allowed.

In the following example, the user does not have access to any billing privileges. This is why the option Billing & Account shows up in gray.

How can the granted user view multiple accounts?

In this example, the user has a personal DreamHost account while being granted access to a second account. Follow the instructions below to change between multiple accounts:

  1. Log in to the DreamHost panel.
  2. Click the user icon in the top-right corner of the panel.
  3. Select the account you want to manage or view in the dropdown menu.

Privilege explanations

Modify billing details.
Grant Privileges
Checking this option allows the privileged user to grant privileges to other users.
Private Servers
Manage existing private servers and also gain access for managing future servers.
Modify existing and possibly future domains. Does not allow new domain hosting.
Domain Registrations
Modify and manage domain registrations. To add domain registrations, you must grant the privileged user billing access.
Modify existing users and potentially future users. This privilege does not allow user creation.
Modify and manage Unix Groups.
Mailing Lists
Manage and post to mailing lists. Domain access is required to allow a privileged user to add mailing lists.
Discussion Lists
Manage Discussion Lists. Domain access is required to allow a privileged user to add Discussion Lists.
Modify existing databases and add new ones. Hosting Plan access is required to allow a privileged user to add new databases.
Note: Privileged users are not able to access the MySQL section of the panel unless they have access to at least one domain.
Hosting Plans
If you may have multiple hosting plans under one account, this would allow the user to add or remove features to all or some of those hosting plans. It's currently not possible to give access to DreamObjects, DreamCompute, or Remixer plans.

Privileged users are not able to add/access any additional features if they do not have access to at least one domain.

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