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When you have a due balance on your account, DreamHost will send out email notices to you in order for you to pay a due balance so that your account will avoid suspension.

How can I ensure that the billing notice I received was from DreamHost?

All billing notices come from a email address. You can also verify which emails were sent to your account contact by checking your support history in your panel. Visit the Support History page for this information.

  • DreamHost sends billing reminder notices to the primary email contact on the account once your monthly invoice has been closed.
  • Until the balance due is paid, you’ll receive another reminder email weekly to the primary contact on the account.
  • There is a 60-day grace period for all due balances (from the date the invoice was issued) before the account is suspended for non-payment.

Where are billing notices sent?

Billing reminder notices are sent to the primary email address that the account owner has listed in their DreamHost account. DreamHost does not send physical reminder notices to a mailing address, and are only sent via email.

To check where billing reminder emails are sent or add/change these email addresses, log in to your DreamHost panel and click the Profile & Privacy link under your Username on the upper right of the screen.

  • This page shows your current primary email address on the account.
  • You can modify the primary email address to receive copies of billing notices, but they aren’t sent to the secondary contact.

If your account has a service balance that's 30 days past due, the web panel will become restricted until the balance is resolved.

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