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The customer billing process operates on a monthly invoice system. On the date that your account is opened, your monthly invoicing and billing date is set.

It's currently not possible to adjust the billing date. It is set to the day you opened your account.

However, you always have a 60 day period to pay your bill, so you can pay anytime within those 60 days to avoid account suspension.

Any charges added to your account during the monthly period leading up to your monthly billing date, as well as any payments made or rewards received, are all displayed on your invoice.

Does DreamHost mail paper invoices to customers?

DreamHost does not mail paper invoices to customers each month. All services are web-based and all billing records are stored digitally.

Electronic invoices have many advantages:

  • Providing customers with electronic invoices lowers operating costs, which allows DreamHost to lower overall costs to customers.
  • Real-time invoices allow you to see your current statement at that exact moment.
  • The invoice system can be customized for your needs: you can view all of your billing history on a single page, or view just a specific invoice or time frame to view.
  • Using less paper is environmentally friendly.
  • Electronic invoices cannot be lost in the mail.
  • International customers can retrieve invoices instantly, without having to wait weeks (in some areas) for international mail to arrive.

If you do need a paper invoice, you can print one from the View Invoices page.

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