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DreamObjects is an object storage system where files are stored as objects in buckets. View the following article from Wikipedia for further details on Object Storage:

What file types can be stored?

DreamObjects can be used to store files such as photos, songs, documents, backups, and more without worrying about filling up disk space. It's capable of storing almost any type of file, so long as it meets the conditions of the Acceptable Use Policy.

How secure is my data?

Though DreamObjects doesn't support server-side encryption, it is secure since the only way to access its data is through an access and secret key (comparable to an FTP/shell username and password, but randomly generated by DreamHost). Additionally, you can employ client-side encryption by encrypting the data at your location and then using SSL to upload the data to DreamObjects.

DreamObjects is designed for 99.99999% durability over a given year. Using the latest in Cloud storage technology, your data is stored with additional parity bits throughout the DreamObject's data center, ensuring further backup security.

What do I need to use DreamObjects?

The following list is the basic configuration and tools you'll need to use DreamObjects:

  1. Create a DreamObjects account in your panel on the DreamObjects page.
  2. Create a user.
  3. Create a bucket.
  4. Add Access and Secret Keys to your bucket.
  5. Upload files using one of the following:

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