Uploading a file from the DreamHost panel into DreamObjects


There are a variety of third-party applications that allows you to upload and manage your data stored in DreamObjects. The DreamHost panel also provides a built-in 'DreamObject Viewer' that provides a way to upload data to DreamObjects using your browser.

This article explains how to upload data into your DreamObjects account. If you are instead looking for instructions on how to upload your website to your DreamHost web server, visit the following page:

Maximum upload size

Uploads from your browser are limited in size to 64MB. To upload larger files, you must use an S3 client.

Uploading a folder (directory)

It's not possible to upload a folder (directory) on your computer to DreamObjects using the panel uploader. Only files can be uploaded using this tool.

If you need to upload a folder (directory) which includes files, you must use an S3 compatible client.

Uploading a file

To upload:

  1. Navigate to the DreamObjects page.
  2. Locate the User that contains the bucket you wish to work with, and then click the View Objects button.

    The available buckets appear in a new window.

  3. Select the bucket you wish to upload objects to.
  4. Click the Upload Objects button at the bottom of the Object Browser.
  5. Drag your files into the Object Browser or click Select Files to choose files using the file browser.
  6. When finished uploading, click the Done button on the bottom right.

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