Uploading files to DreamObjects


There are a wide variety of ways to store files in DreamObjects, mainly depending on your preferences and skills.

Uploading in the DreamHost panel

There is a graphical interface in your DreamHost panel you can use to upload directly from your computer. View the following article for further details:

Using an S3 compatible client (Recommended)

Using an S3 client is the best option since a specialized client will offer you more features to help manage your data. There are various applications, from desktop and command line utilities to WordPress plugins to mobile apps, that allow you to store files in DreamObjects. View the following category for a list of available clients:

Using the REST API

Advanced users can use the REST API and any of the libraries supporting the S3 API.

Object sizes

Objects are limited to 10TBs, but must be uploaded in 5GB chunks. Please note, not all clients are able to do multipart uploads. For anything above 5GB, you must use a client that supports multi-part uploads.

DreamObjects is designed for 99.99999% durability over a given year and your data is replicated three times, with immediate consistency, throughout the DreamObjects’ data center ensuring further backup security.

DreamObjects uptime

DreamObjects is capable of storing almost any type of file, so long as it meets the conditions of the Acceptable Use Policy.

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