Dedicated server overview

A Dedicated server is a server that is completely dedicated to your data alone. This means no other DreamHost customers have any access or share any resources with your sites on that server.

DreamHost offers several types of hosting plans. You can see details of each along with a comparison on the Hosting article. With all other types of hosting, your data is on a machine with other users.

Dedicated servers are premium machines best for high performance websites that require dedicated resources to run them efficiently. For further information, please view the Dedicated Hosting page on the main website.

Dedicated server features

  • Up to 2TB storage with HDD
  • RAID storage - Multiple hard drives means that if one fails, the other takes over so no data is lost
  • Root access
  • Local MySQL server with full root access
  • Dedicated RAM and CPU resources

Specs and pricing

There are six new types of Dedicated servers available for purchase. Three come with Hard disk drives (HDD) and three with solid state drives (SSD).

A comparison of the former Blue Moon plans to the new 'Summer Moon' plans can be seen below with their corresponding pricing options.

Plan Cores RAM HDD available? SSD available? Monthly Price Annual Price Annual plan/monthly price breakdown *
Blue Moon 4 4 4 1TB N/A $169 $1,788.00 $149/month
Blue Moon 8 4 8 1TB N/A $209 $2,268.00 $189/month
Blue Moon 16 4 16 1TB N/A $249 $2,748.00 $229/month
Summer Moon 16 12 16 2TB N/A $299 $3,348.00 $279/month
Summer Moon 32 12 32 2TB N/A $349 $3,948.00 $329/month
Summer Moon 64 12 64 2TB N/A $399 $4,548.00 $379/month
Summer Moon SSD 16 12 16 N/A 240GB $299 $3,348.00 $279/month
Summer Moon SSD 32 12 32 N/A 240GB $349 $3,948.00 $329/month
Summer Moon SSD 64 12 64 N/A 240GB $399 $4,548.00 $379/month

* When you sign up for a year, you save $240 (or $20/month).

The Summer Moon servers use Intel E5-2670 v3 processors as of July 2015.

Checking usage

View the following article for information on how to check usage on your Dedicated server:

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