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DreamHost's Google Workspace plans are billed monthly based on the type of plan and number of users. To view pricing and available plan and user options, visit the Google Workspace page in the DreamHost Panel.

Free trial

When adding a new Google Workspace plan to a DreamHost domain, you are eligible for a 30-day free trial.

After the free trial period, you are not immediately billed for Google Workspace. The charge is added to your regular DreamHost monthly account bill and is due at the next due date (rebill date).

At any point during the free trial, you may cancel the service or modify the number of users. Upon the completion of the trial, you will automatically transition into monthly billing.


You may make adjustments to the number of users in your Google Workspace account at any time. To adjust the number of users, you must make changes in both of the following locations:

  • your Google Workspace admin console (which manages the users themselves)
  • your DreamHost panel (which manages how those users are billed)

Adding users

There are two steps to add a new user to your Google Workspace account:

  1. First, purchase the users on the Google Workspace page in your DreamHost panel.
  2. After the users have been added to your DreamHost panel, you can then create the accounts in your Google Workspace admin console.

You will not be able to add more users in the Google Workspace admin console than the amount you have already purchased in your DreamHost panel.

Additional users purchased mid-month are prorated on a daily basis.

Removing users

There are two steps to remove the number of users on a plan:

  1. First, delete any users you no longer wish to use from your Google Workspace admin console.
  2. You must then make this change in the DreamHost Panel in order to adjust the number of users you are billed for.

Users removed mid-month will be credited on a prorated daily basis.

To avoid being billed for unused users, you must decrease the number of users in the DreamHost panel after you have already removed them from the Google Workspace admin console.

Non-payment and suspension

Your DreamHost account must remain in good standing in order to use Google Workspace. Any Google Workspace charges must be paid within 7 days of their initial charge or your Google Workspace account will be suspended.

Google Workspace will be re-enabled after a due balance is paid. However, if your account remains suspended for 60 days, it will be automatically canceled by Google.

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