Why did my domain registration fail to transfer to DreamHost?


In the event that a registration transfer fails to complete, DreamHost immediately sends you an email with further information on why it failed.

The following descriptions you see in the email are described below, along with possible steps you can take to fix a domain registration transfer request in order for it to successfully complete.

If your registration or renewal request fails to complete, your payments are not automatically refunded. Instead, the balance paid is applied to the account as a credit, which will be used if the registration/renewal is resubmitted.

The current registrar has rejected transfer

What does this mean?

There are various reasons why you may see this message including (but not limited to):

  • The domain is expired.
  • The current registrar has a setting enabled preventing the transfer.

How do I fix it?

The best way to fix a rejected transfer is to contact your current registrar and obtain further information on what is preventing the transfer from completing.

If you need help in finding out where your domain is registered, see the following article on how to find WHOIS information for your domain:

If your domain is registered at DreamHost, you can contact support to obtain more information on how to fix a rejected transfer.

Domain is locked at current registrar, or is not yet 60 days old

What does this mean?

The most common reasons you receive this message are:

  • Your domain was newly registered within the last 60 days.
  • Your domain status is set to "locked" at your current registrar.
  • You have made a change to the WHOIS information within the last 60 days (such as the contact information or email address). Per a recent policy change, ICANN prevents a transfer by locking the domain for 60 days from the date any WHOIS changes are made.

For more information about the ICANN transfer policy, see the following article:

How do I fix it?

Contact your current domain registrar to determine why your domain is locked (see the previous section to find your current registrar). If your domain is registered at DreamHost, you can contact support to obtain more information on what to do if your domain is locked.

Domain contacts did not respond to verification email

What does this mean?

In most cases, a verification is email is sent to the WHOIS contact for the domain you wish to transfer to DreamHost. You must respond to this confirmation email in order to initiate the transfer.

How do I fix it?

Make sure you have access to the email account associated with the WHOIS information for the domain so you can respond to the verification email. Be sure to check the spam folder as well. For more information, see the following article that describes how to transfer a domain to DreamHost:

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