HTTP Headers overview

What are HTTP headers?

HTTP headers are information passed between a web browser and a website when it's visited. These headers contain can be used to add or confirm if a service is active on your website such as CORSSecurity headers, or Cloudflare.

List of HTTP Headers

Headers are grouped into the following four categories:

  • General headers
  • Request headers
  • Response headers
  • Entity headers

Within each of these groups are many different types of headers you can set. View the following link for further information.

Setting Headers

You can use an .htaccess file to adjust or add headers to your HTTP response headers. The following articles list a few different examples of headers you could add to your site.

Security Headers

Website security headers can be added in an .htaccess file to further secure and validate your website. View the following article for a list of popular security headers and instructions on how to add them to your site.

Viewing HTTP headers

There are several ways you can view your website's HTTP Headers. View the following article for the different options available.

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