DreamHost SEO Toolkit: Your Website Score Explained


Your score gets updated automatically every day and also every time you make changes on your website and use the plugin. This triggers the scanning of your whole website so you can always know how the changes you have made for every task impacts your SEO progress.

How should I read my score?

Your SEO score can be useful to you in several ways and should be used as a means to:

  • Measure success — Analyze the evolution of your score as a performance indicator in the mid- to long-term period.
  • Identify issues — Major score decrease should warn you about website issues you need to address.
  • Compare sites — Compare your SEO score with other sites to determine how your website is performing against your competitors.

Completing tasks to optimize your pages can help you increase your site's SEO score, but this work alone may not provide you with the boost you’d like to see — you’ll also need to monitor and maintain your site regularly to see long-term improvements in your SEO score.

To summarize

  • You should analyze the progress of your score as your website performance indicator in the short term and long term for SEO.
  • Major score changes should warn you about issues on your site.
  • Every task that you complete inside the tool will indicate if you are making progress or not.

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