Using Gmail to access your DreamHost email account


The following describes how to view and send emails from your DreamHost email address using Gmail.

Viewing your DreamHost email in Gmail

Google offers a service that allows you to view your DreamHost email within Gmail. It's called 'Mail Fetcher', and you can use it to import email to Google. You can use this service instead of forwarding your email to Gmail.

See the following Google support page for instructions on how to set up Mail Fetcher at Google:

The instructions above only allow you to DOWNLOAD existing email from your DreamHost account. Additionally, only emails in your Inbox will be fetched from Google (since you're using a POP connection).

Sending emails from your DreamHost address in Gmail

You can also add your DreamHost email address to your Gmail account to 'Send as'. This means you no longer have to log in to your DreamHost email to send. You can log in to Gmail and send 'from' your DreamHost email address.

The email address you use must be a fully hosted email address. You cannot use a forward or garbage email address.

See the following Google support page for instructions on adding your DreamHost Email to Gmail:

If you see a "TLS Negotiation failed, the certificate doesn't match the host" error

This error may be displayed when sending emails through Google. As of April 2020, Google started enforcing TLS when sending emails. This means your outgoing server name must be set to If you use your website name (, this will continue to fail.


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