Where can I download my invoices?


Your invoice can change up until its ending date. Because of this, PDF downloads of your invoices are only available after the billing cycle has ended. Invoice are not available before billing cycle has ended. However, DreamHost provides a 60-day grace period for all due balances (from the end date of the invoice).

You must install a PDF viewing program on your computer to view your invoices. One of the most popular programs is Adobe Reader, though there are many more PDF viewing programs available today.

Navigate to the View Invoices page. The first section is titled Download Invoice (PDF).

Invoices downloading PDF.png
End Date
Choose the monthly billing cycle that you wish to view in your download. In the example above, this account’s billing cycle ends each month on the 29th. Your billing cycle may have a different monthly billing date as that is based on when your account was originally opened.
Number of Months
Choose the number of months that you wish to display in the PDF download. This is a good option if you need to download a years worth of invoices all at once.

Once you have chosen your options, click the Download PDF Invoice button to save a copy of this invoice to your computer.

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