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Message filters are special rules you can create which automatically perform actions on incoming email. This is a simple way to make incoming email easier to sort and categorize. For example, you could label all email messages from your boss as “Important”. The filter could then add the word IMPORTANT to the subject of emails with in the from field.

Filters can be created only for fully-hosted email addresses. Another option is to enable anti-spam filters in the panel. If you do so, the anti-spam filters are applied first, then your custom message filters are applied. You can also add filters on your specific mail client such as Thunderbird, Outlook, or Gmail.

This article describes how to add custom filters in your DreamHost panel.

Enabling message filters in the panel

You can create a custom filter in your panel. A list of all your fully-hosted email addresses will be listed on your Message Filters page.

  1. Navigate to Message Filters.
  2. To the right of an address, click the Edit button to open the filter page.
  3. If you have not added filters yet, click the Add New Filter button.
    The add new filter page opens where you can set up a filter.
  4. When finished creating your rule, click the Add Filter button at the bottom.

Adding a filter using the mailboxes subdomain

You can also use the subdomain to create a filter:

  1. Log into your mailbox manager at
  2. Click the link under Email Filters.
  3. Enter your new filter settings and click Add Filter.

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