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DreamHost allows its users to close a Shared hosting account using the DreamHost panel. This article describes how to close your Shared hosting account, a VPS-only account, as well as a Dedicated-only account.

If you just want to remove hosting from a single domain instead, view the 'Remove hosting from a domain' article.

Do I get my money back if I close my account?

DreamHost cannot refund money beyond the 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Please note the following limitations on this refund policy:

  • Refunds within the 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee can only be processed for shared hosting, per the Terms of Service.
  • Domain registration fees are not refundable. If your domain registration was free with your shared hosting plan, you will be required to pay for it when closing a hosting plan.
  • VPS and Dedicated plans are also not refundable.
  • Payments made via check/money order cannot be refunded once cleared.

If you choose to close your account, you retain ownership of any domain registrations that you have purchased. If, in the future, you would like to have your domain point to a different web host, you will be able to log in to the DreamHost panel, and make your changes to your DNS settings to point to the new host.

Do I get my money back If DreamHost closes my account?

If DreamHost abruptly disables a user’s account due to a breach of the Terms of Service, then the user forfeits any eligibility for a refund.

What happens to my Domain Registration(s) when I close my account?

DreamHost will not delete your domain registrations when you close your account. Any domain registrations previously purchased continue to remain active for the rest of their registration periods. When you close your account, DreamHost gives you the option to keep your panel open so you can continue to manage your Domain Registrations.

Can I re-enable my account after I close it?

Yes. If you ever wish to come back, you can use the steps described in the following article to re-enable your account:

Viewing your account services

You can view all services billed to your account on the Manage Account page. Here you'll see a list of all services you currently use such as Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Remixer, or DreamPress hosting.

How to close your account

The steps to close your account are different depending on the type of hosting plan you're using. View the link below that matches your current hosting plan:

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