Not all payments are automatically refunded when you cancel DreamHost hosting services. This article discusses when refunds are automatically issued and what payment methods can be refunded.

If I cancel hosting services, will I receive a refund automatically?

DreamHost offers a full refund on Shared hosting fees if your plan is canceled within the first 97 days of opening the account. The refund is processed back to the original credit card that was used towards those fees, and is issued back to your card automatically only after you close your shared hosting plan within your panel.

DreamHost does not offer refunds for DreamPress, Dedicated server, or VPS (private server) hosting fees. The 97-day money back guarantee only applies to shared hosting plans. View the 'Terms of Service' for further details.

Are all payment methods refundable?

Unfortunately, DreamHost does not offer automatic refunds for the following payment methods:

A 3% transaction fee is applied If you select PayPal to process a refund.

  • PayPal
  • Check (written checks or electronic checks)
  • Money Orders
  • Gift Certificates

If you close your shared hosting plan within 97 days of opening the account and had made a manual payment toward the plan with one of these other methods, please visit the Contact Support page to contact support to further assist you with your refund.

If your account is closed after the 97-day refund period has passed, no refunds are issued. View the 'Terms of Service' page for further details.

Are domain registrations refundable?

No. Registrations are owned by you for the full term you originally purchased them for. This is usually a 1 to 3 year time period.

If your registration includes a free domain with your Shared hosting plan and you canceled the plan in the first year, you are then required to pay for the free registration. View the following article for further details:

Are domain registration renewals refundable?

No. Once a domain is auto-renewed, or it is manually renewed, your credit card is charged and the domain is renewed for 1 more year.

At this point the domain registry updates their information to show you are the owner for an additional year. Since there's no way to reverse the renewal from the registry, a refund is not possible.

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