How do I update my credit card information?


If you are using the credit card AutoPay system, you may need to update your credit card details over time to replace outdated or expired information. You can make this change securely within your DreamHost panel.

When you update a card that was previously used to pay for a domain(s) set to 'Auto Renew', the domain is then set to 'Ask'. You must then go back and set the domain(s) back to Auto Renew after updating your credit card.

Updating your credit card information

To change your credit card information used for automatic payments:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Payments page. Your existing card on file appears at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Change button that appears next to your credit card.
  3. Click the Add Credit Card button. A page opens, allowing you to enter further information about the card.
  4. Click the Save Card & Enable AutoPay button when finished.

Troubleshooting expired cards and AutoPay errors

If you receive an error due to an expired card, just add your new card to the panel as the new AutoPay card on file using the above instructions.

As long as your credit card data saved to your AutoPay is accurate, the billing system will attempt to charge your card again within a week until your due balance is resolved.

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