How do I load a dump file into my Subversion repository?

You may have an existing repository that you want to migrate to your DreamHost svn repository. To use this at DreamHost, you must first make a dump file of your existing repository. Only then can you load it into your DreamHost repository.

  1. Dump your existing repository :
    [server]$ svnadmin dump <path-to-repo> | gzip > dumpfile.gz

    If you set up your repo using the DreamHost Subversion panel, the repository will be under your user's /home/username/svn/repoID directory. For example:

    [server]$ svnadmin dump /home/exampleuser/svn/exampleProjectID/
  2. Upload dumpfile.gz to your home directory via FTP.
  3. Decompress the dumpfile before importing:
    [server]$ gunzip -c dumpfile.gz | svnadmin load svn/repository_id

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