MySQL VPS overview

What is MySQL VPS?

DreamHost MySQL VPS is DreamHost's premium shared MySQL database service. Similar in concept to DreamHost VPS, DreamHost PS MySQL uses Linux-VServer to offer an isolated database server.

This is different from the standard shared MySQL server which an account uses by default, as the shared MySQL server shares other users databases and resources. With the PS MySQL, your databases and resources are protected from other users in the same was a web private server is.

How much does it cost?

VPS MySQL service starts at $15/month, which includes 300MB RAM and unlimited disk space. The most expensive plan is $200/month, which includes 4000MB RAM.

When you activate VPS MySQL for the first time, you receive a one week trial. During the trial period, the amount of RAM is set at 2300MB RAM. When the free trial ends, the RAM adjusts to your site's needs.

Is root access available?

root and SSH access on a MySQL VPS is not available. Only if you upgrade to a Dedicated server where the MySQL instance is on the same machine would you have access to the MySQL config files.

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