MySQL VPS overview

What is MySQL VPS?

DreamHost MySQL VPS is DreamHost's premium MySQL database service. Similar in concept to DreamHost VPS, DreamHost MySQL VPS uses Linux Containers (LXC) to isolate the database server.

The difference between shared and private MySQL servers

All DreamHost hosting plans are configured with a shared MySQL server by default. These shared database servers 'share' the resources of the server with all users and databases.

The MySQL VPS is different in that your databases and resources are protected from other users.

The difference between a VPS and a MySQL VPS

The following describes the difference between a VPS hosting plan and a MySQL VPS service:

  • A VPS is a hosting plan that includes free storage for your databases on a shared MySQL server.
  • A MySQL VPS, on the other hand, is a premium service that only stores MySQL databases and is recommended if you have large databases that require more resources than a Shared MySQL server.

A MySQL VPS can be added to any DreamHost account with a Shared Unlimited, VPS, or Dedicated hosting plan.

How much does it cost?

For the latest information on pricing and plans, visit the DreamHost MySQL VPS page:

Is root access available?

Root and SSH access is not available on a MySQL VPS. If you require Root/SSH access, you must upgrade to a Dedicated Server where the MySQL databases are located on the same machine, which allows access to the MySQL config files.

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