Versions of Subversion at DreamHost

Subversion has been removed from the DreamHost panel. If you had previously configured Subversion on your domain, it will continue to function normally.


To find out which version of Subversion you have on your server, log in to the server via SSH and run the following command:

[server]$ svn --version

If you would like to install a newer version of subversion (e.g., for repository syncing), then you will need to visit this page and download the subversion-x.x.x.tar.bz2 file:

Upgrading to the newest Subversion

Warning: The following instructions do not currently function as it fails on the ./configure step due to the server version of APR. DreamHost administrators are working to resolve this. As soon as this issue is resolved, this article will be updated.

However, you can still install your own APR package locally and point your SVN install to use the local package. But please note that DreamHost support is unable to assist with such custom installations.

Compiling subversion is pretty straightforward but you may encounter some compilation errors depending on the version. In general, follow these steps to compile and install subversion locally. Make sure to change username to your Shell user.

[server]$ mkdir tmpwork
[server]$ cd tmpwork
[server]$ wget
[server]$ tar -xjf subversion-x.x.x.tar.bz2
[server]$ cd subversion-x.x.x
[server]$ ./configure --prefix=/home/username --with-ssl
[server]$ make
[server]$ make install

This installs the new subversion into your user directory. You'll need to change the path to include your ~/bin directory to use the new binaries. To do that, run the following command in your terminal:

alias svn='/home/username/bin/svn'

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