Python overview

Python is a programming language like PHP and Ruby which allows you to create many different types of applications. More information can be found on the Python website:

This article guides you through how to set up your environment at DreamHost to use Python.


You have a few options on how to deploy your Python app at DreamHost:

  • CGI – Slow and not recommended.
  • FastCGI – Faster than CGI and uses mod_fcgi.
  • Passenger – The preferred way to deploy Python apps. This is an Apache module which was originally written to support the execution of Ruby on Rails apps, but which also provides support for WSGI-compliant applications. View the Passenger article for setup details.

Automatic installation

A DreamHost user has written a script to automatically download and install a custom Python environment including Python v2.7.3, setuptools, pip, virtualenv. Download the file and then modify the rcfile, version, setuptools_version variables if necessary:

Choose between a '--pythonbrew' or '--source' installation.

[server]$ bash ./ --pythonbrew

Web frameworks

Some Python website frameworks can run on DreamHost servers. These include:

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