Change nameservers at your current host

If you did not purchase your domain registration from DreamHost and you wish to host your site at DreamHost, point your site's nameservers to DreamHost, or point your site's A records to DreamHost as described here.

To point your nameservers you must log into your account at the registrar where you purchased the domain.

The following list provides links to popular registrars explaining how to do this:

Please note that when you change your nameservers at your current host, ALL of your DNS records are pointed to DreamHost. This means that if you have custom DNS records already configured at your current host, they will no longer be used. You must re-create any custom DNS entries in your DreamHost panel.

If you would like to continue to use a specific service at your old host (such as email), you will need to create custom DNS records in your DreamHost panel to point back to your old host. You must contact your old host for information on what DNS records are needed.

Again, this is only if you have custom DNS entries configured on your domain, or you wish to continue hosting a particular service at the old company.

Make sure any custom records are configured at DreamHost before pointing your nameservers.

At your third-party registrar, update your nameservers to the DreamHost nameservers shown below:


When updating your nameservers at your registrar, you should only have to add the nameserver URL, not the IP. The IPs are listed above just in case your registrar asks for them.

This modification takes about 3–72 hours to propagate across the Internet, after which your new nameservers will direct visitors to your account with DreamHost.

You can track the progress of your DNS update using either of the following links:

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