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Node.js is a newer runtime environment that has become very popular among web developers. It uses JavaScript, traditionally a front end programming language on the server side.


A VPS or Dedicated server. Node.js cannot be installed on a Shared server.

Can Node.js be used on shared servers?

No. DreamHost does not support Node.js on shared web servers, as the security setup on DreamHost shared servers is incompatible with compiling or running Node.js.

If you try to compile Node.js on one of the shared web servers, your user will automatically be banned through grsec (taking down all the PHP websites that run under that user) and the server will have to be rebooted before your user can be unbanned. If you do it one more time, you will be forced to move to a VPS.

Deploying Node.js with Passenger using the DreamHost panel

Visit the following article to learn how to deploy Node.js with Passenger in the panel:

Installing a custom version of NVM and Node.js

View the following article for instructions on how to install a custom version of Node.js.

To ensure compatibility with Node.js packages, it's always recommended that you install a custom version of Node.js under your username, rather than using the default server version.

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