Node.js overview


Node.js is a newer runtime environment that has become very popular among web developers. It uses JavaScript, traditionally a front end programming language on the server side.

What servers can Node.js be installed onto?

Node.js apps that require persistent processes can only be installed onto VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Installing a custom version of NVM and Node.js

Node.js is not installed by default on newer DreamHost servers. You must manually install a custom version under your server's username. View the following article for instructions on how to install a custom version of Node.js.

Is it possible to run Node.js on ports 80 or 443?

While it's not possible to assign your app to use ports 80 or 443, you can configure a Proxy Server in the DreamHost panel. This allows your app to use a non-privileged port in combination with your SSL certificate. View the following article for further details:

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