SQLite is a lightweight database application that does not use a client/server SQL database. This generally works great with most low to medium traffic websites and should manage well on domains that average 100k hits per day.

SQLite on DreamHost Servers

SQLite is pre-installed on DreamHost Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Servers. View the following article to confirm your server's operating system version.

Ubuntu 18 (Bionic) versions

Servers running Ubuntu 18 run the following versions:

  • 2.8.17 for sqlite
  • 3.22.0 for sqlite3

Debian Stretch versions

Servers running Debian Stretch run the following version:

  • 3.27.2 for sqlite3

Bindings for C, PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby are already included with the SQLite service.

Performance is acceptable, and may be further improved by setting the appropriate parameters: for example, the new Write-Ahead Logging can be enabled by using PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL; (SQLite >= 3.7.0).

How do I use SQLite?

Instructions for creating a SQLite database and writing a basic SQLite program can be found in the official quickstart guide:

Installing a custom version

View the following article for instructions on installing a custom version of SQLite.

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